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An abbreviation for "Laugh Out Lough At Yourself". A way to laugh at yourself when you realise you acted in a humorous manner. Similar to word usage such as LOL, rofl, roflmao, lmao, fml, fyl
I just placed my hand in my own dribble. LOLAY!

Luka was LOLAYing at possible redemption against himself, as he stuck a portrait of Decler on his powerpoint presentation
by Wrong_turn October 06, 2009
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lol at you
"i ate a whole faggot today!"

"i cant go to town tonight, my mum wont let me"
"seriously?! LOLAY"
by bbbbeeee July 23, 2009
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Laugh Out Loud At You. Derisive derivative of LOL. Mainly used in chats/emails/texts. May also be seen as LOL@Y LOL@U
John Customer: Your internet service is slow!
Tech support: What version of Windows is on your computer?
John Customer: Windows 98
Tech support: LOLAY
by Insidivs May 24, 2009
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