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Laugh Out Loud and Pray

The person who originally coined this term mistakenly believed LOL stood for "Lots of Love" and attached this acronym, along with "&P" (and Prayers), to the end of her messages and e-mails to relatives and friends. This resulted in confusion on the part of her recipients who knew what the "P" stood for from previous sightings of "L&P", but weren't sure why she was laughing loudly for all to hear while she was doing it.

It has since spread into a popular satirical replacement for "LOL" or used to let others know when you maniacally laugh during a prayer session.
yeah! he fell right on top of the bed of nails! it was a mess! LOL&P

Judges 15:15-16 - LOL&P
by rynoboyd January 05, 2010
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