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A term fans of One Direction (see also: Directioners) use when reffering to Niall Horan's laugh.. It stands for "LOVING NIALL'S LAUGH" this is because of the fact Niall Horan as a rather loud and hilarious laugh...
Zayn: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!! AHAHAHA
Louis: OMG, LNL!!
by Louis'Carrot:} July 02, 2012
LOCK AND LOAD, further explanations aren't needed but if you're a true neophyte see any weapons website.
"The zombies are coming, L-n-L!"
by 2B+ November 21, 2012
A gay clan in Zero Hour.. who uses map hacks all day long.
"CxW Owns LNL and they ch33ting ASS!"
by t3h l33tg0dpush1n March 26, 2004

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