Top Definition
Laughing My Vagina Off
Girl 1: That Was Sooo Funny
Girl 2: I Know LMVO
Girl 1: What Does That Mean?
Girl 2: Laughing My Vagina Off
Girl 1: Ohh Thats Funny LMVO
by Brittney Sobreanis May 10, 2006
Laughing My Vagina Off

Similar to lmao (Laughing My Ass Off)

Origin: Big Brother 14 chat room.
Did Ian just kick himself in the head? lmvo.
by Pete_ud July 22, 2012
like laugh my ass off, but much more creative
LMVO that is so funny!
by AEDresser May 21, 2008
L = Laughing/Laughed
M = My
V = Vagina
O = Off
Person 1 -

Oh my gosh! That was SO funny!

Person 2 -

I know right! I'm LMVO!!!
by MartyMcFlyTheFutureGuy April 21, 2010
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