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Lick My Pussy!
if a guy is pissing you off, turn to him and say, "You know what (name)...LMP" and just walk away.
by Patty July 01, 2004
Lick my pu55y, or lick my vagina witch is L.M.V
1.Bitch, you can lick my pu55y you hoe.
Amber, l.m.p baby i love you.
by AMBER LYNN November 14, 2007
Le Mans Prototype. They are specifically built for use in the Le Mans 24h, and are the successors to the earlier Group C cars. Some notable cars include the Audi R8, Bentley Speed 8, Ferrari 333SP, Toyota GT-One, and the famous "flying" Mercedes-Benz CLR.
You can buy your own LMP...for about $5 million.
by just some randon guy January 22, 2006
means Last Message Please, used after going offline unexpectedly due to various reasons and coming back online after missing the previously sent message
John: I had so much fun at the party

Jane: (offline)

John: You there?

Jane: *LMP
by iamstevirus October 01, 2011
lesbian midget porn
lmp is a bunch of gay LP's getting together.
by katie nichols September 26, 2008
Leck meinen Penis (German)
Lick my penis (english)

colloquial for "suck my dick"

ey's so fuckin hot

wow lmp this girl is hooottt
by damaggus July 22, 2006
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