Laughing my fat ass off.
When obesed people say LMFAO it means they're laughing their fatass off.
by I'm theonlyonewhothoughtofthis November 15, 2010
this stands for Large Mingling Farts Abolish Others
woah man! LMFAO! gross!
by soylecithin August 14, 2011
1.Laugh my f***ing ass off
2.American pop music duo consisting of Redfoo and SkyBlu.
3.Love my friends and others.
1. Steve: Today I wet myself in front of my colleagues

Jack: Hilarious lol,rofl,LMFAO.

2. Steve: Do you like Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO?

Jack: Yes

3. Steve: I hate Jack

Mum/Mom: Now Steve remember what mommy told you

Steve: LMFAO
by Quagman November 21, 2012
Stands for "Leave My Fat Ass Open"
Ok baby, I'll make sure I LMFAO when you get here.
by AlmightyCheesus May 01, 2010
Laughing my fucking ass off
Omg that got me laughing my fucking ass off lmfao
by duck face3 January 22, 2015
this is an abriviation that most people use instead of typing the longer version LAUGH MY FUCKING ASS OFF
britney spears : i got a new hair cut

justin timberlake: LMFAO u shaved your head!
by foxy lady 25 July 13, 2011
Means : let my fucking ass out !
Gives the same meaning of I ain't on that shit!
used only on the internet !
Guy1: this person is insulting you on his blog !
Guy2: whatever!I DON'T GIVE A FUCK :D
Guy1: -___-' O.o'
Guy2 : LMFAO ! bye..
by YUS YUS BUM BUM September 06, 2010

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