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this stands for Large Mingling Farts Abolish Others
woah man! LMFAO! gross!
by soylecithin August 14, 2011
Stands for "Leave My Fat Ass Open"
Ok baby, I'll make sure I LMFAO when you get here.
by AlmightyCheesus May 01, 2010
lick my fat ass out
x: U look so nice today!

y: lmfao!
by hogy5 September 01, 2011
1.Laugh my f***ing ass off
2.American pop music duo consisting of Redfoo and SkyBlu.
3.Love my friends and others.
1. Steve: Today I wet myself in front of my colleagues

Jack: Hilarious lol,rofl,LMFAO.

2. Steve: Do you like Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO?

Jack: Yes

3. Steve: I hate Jack

Mum/Mom: Now Steve remember what mommy told you

Steve: LMFAO
by LouMan November 21, 2012
Means : let my fucking ass out !
Gives the same meaning of I ain't on that shit!
used only on the internet !
Guy1: this person is insulting you on his blog !
Guy2: whatever!I DON'T GIVE A FUCK :D
Guy1: -___-' O.o'
Guy2 : LMFAO ! bye..
by YUS YUS BUM BUM September 06, 2010
LMFAO is a popular pop band that has written well-known songs such as "Shots", "Party Rock Anthem", "Sexy and I Know It", and "Sorry For Party Rocking". The two lead singers have afros and are named Red Foo and Sky Blue. Their two most popular albums are "Party Rock" and "Sorry for Party Rocking"
Dude! Did you hear that song by LMFAO? It rocked!
by nerdygirl88 May 23, 2012
LMFAO is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word which stands for "Laughing My F***ing Ass Off"

LMFAO is an American electro pop duo consisting of rappers, producers, dancers, and DJs Redfoo and his nephew SkyBlu.
"Did you watch the LMFAO perform on stage?"
"I got an F on my test" I then said to the teacher "LMFAO!" (In this case L stands for Laugh not Laughing)
by al qaeda March 14, 2012