Lazy Mexican Family

Used to describe families that come in to South Texas restaurants.
You just got sat an LMF? That sucks bruh.
by Freddie Gibbs October 31, 2011
Lunch, motha fucka? IM abbreviation used when inviting someone to lunch.
You: LMF?
Them: HYMF I could eat.
You: 12:30?
Them: Yeah. Where?
by crackho January 25, 2005
Lying Mother Fucker - some one who bull shits to no end for no apparent reason.
Some one who does not tell the truth
My girlfriend is a LMF
by You know hoo October 18, 2006
1] Lick My Fucking Shit
2] Laughing Mothers From Space
3] Lucky Mofos Fo Sho
1] "Hey sexy, want to lmfs?"
2] "OMGyou just got fucked by lmfs!!"
3] "Damn, they lmfs..."
by Dutcher May 01, 2005
Loveing My Fingers.

When a lady type is enjoying herself using her fingers.
Girl: That guy was so hot when i got home i was LMF!!!
Girl's Friend: I know what you mean.
Guy listening in: Shit that is hot!
by Matthew2398 January 04, 2006
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