Web-speak for "Laughing My Damn Arse Off". Derived from LMFAO, and also used in many of the same contexts as LMAO.
"My God, do you live near me? It's a small world! LMDAO!"
by Kishi Kat December 28, 2005
Top Definition
laughing my drunk ass off
I won't be able to look anyone in the eye at work tomorrow after tonight's company Christmas party! LMDAO

She was hugging the toilet all night! #LMDAO
by lexus99 December 26, 2009
laughing my damn ass off or laughed my damn ass off.
Person 1- "Did you see the video of Lil Wayne falling?"

Person 2- "Yeah! LMDAO!!"
by forWHAT?! August 06, 2009
laugh my dicklicious ass off
Sue: Omg, i saw some dude get hit by a train.
Me: OMG, LMDAO!!!!
by 3v1lchr1s December 28, 2008
Laughing my dumb ass off, or a misspell for laughing my fuckin ass of, Lmfao.
Rob: wtf?
Jen: sry misspell
Rob: u r a dumbass
by SEXMONKEY12121212 December 04, 2008
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