Acronym for Living Like Larry, it was once stated in a Spongebob Squarepants episode. It means that you live life to the fulliest, take risks every now and then, and that you only live once. New saying beside YOLO.
Justin was about to go bungee jumping and yelled "Living Like Larry" (LLL) all the way to the bottom.
by Katiebby August 11, 2012
Top Definition
Loony Liberal Left, as represented in blogs and forums by LLL or 3L. Sometimes ironic or satirical statements will be followed by the modifier /LLL as in "Looniness OFF".
The allegation of election fraud was dismissed as just feverish LLL rumination.
by mark marshall November 11, 2004
Lovely Lady Lumps. Used to talk about a girl's breasts or butt.
Cassandra's got some LLL.

Yeah, I get horny just thinking about 'em.
by Lum_Beri September 29, 2011
*LLL* use in the end of a short message; signify: L Loves L'

L = Name of boy starting with the letter L
L' = Name of girl starting with the letter L

or versa;

Luan Loves Lene
Lene Loves Luan
Sweet dreams *LLL*
by Luckystar March 29, 2008
laughing laughing laughing. Not just a short laugh. Not just a laugh out loud. But a prolonged laugh of good length.
Did you see that potato? lll
by spudart January 04, 2012
LLL;happy,joyous,free ,act as if
by urbchief February 03, 2010
Literally Laughing Loudly - This is a way to quickly let a chat or text friend know that something they said made you burst out laughing.
Person 1: Bukake poems... that's the future

Person 2: It's my future. It's like a verbal Jackson Pollack...Splat!

Person 1: LLL!!! (Literally Laughing Loudly) HAHAHA!!!
by maddogmarquis August 11, 2012
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