To be stopped by the police. (Phrase used to decribe this action ,is mainly used in NYC)
Last night, I got lit up by the cops for running a red light
by Ash A.k.A Figgz August 07, 2007
to be hit multiple times by something such as a fist or paintball
Greg:Ayo did you see when Dante beat the shit outta Phil??
Charles: Hell yeah brah that nigga fill got lit up
Greg: Word up son
by Young Marc August 22, 2007
To receive a ridiculous amount of text messages in a short period of time
John: "Dude why does your phone keep going off?"

Jim: "I'm getting lit up!"
by Twonnyyyy October 20, 2009
Used in hockey to describe a situation in which a goaltender was outworked by the opposition's offense and surrendered several goals in a game.
Martin Brodeur got lit up on his 34th birthday, giving up every goal in a 6-0 loss.
by brooksies August 07, 2006
When you get shot multiple times with a paintball gun.
Dude, you're such a n00b, you just got lit up!
by DYEhunny6 May 12, 2004
To get high on heroin or other opiates due to the characteristic constricted pupils. They look like someone got a lot of light
"You look lit up, were you banging that tar?"
by mikey mikey c March 05, 2008
to unload your cum in someones face
"That chick got lit up with you seed....damn!"
by Rez Murdok September 08, 2003
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