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An Acronym, standing for "Laugh In My Mind." It's an alterantive to the overly common lol or lmao. It also has the bonus of more often than not being true in use. Further more, its both n00b and literate friendly.
User 1: Like seriously, its not as if im a using drugs! Just drinking till i pass out.
User 2: LIMM
by Sarah Hageman June 30, 2006
Laughing in my mind
When one types lol they're not actually laughing out loud but in they're minds LIMM i.e. crazy yo!!
by Lonney Love September 04, 2009
To laugh inside ones head.
1. I LIMM at Carlos Mencia because I'm too ashamed to do it out loud.

2. I LIMM when getting a funny text message in the library, as not to disturb
My peers.
by Jeremiah_El September 04, 2013
Laughing in my mind...when u think about it, that's only abbreviation u should use online because seriously, who the hell actually laughs out loud? Hmmmmmmm?
Keeley-I like found like a dollar and like it was like blue!
Me-wow...limm at her
by Dr. Yano June 29, 2004
Laughing In My Mind
what the other person said...
Me: limm...
by BoBo the Moe March 13, 2005
Meaning Laughing in my mind.

Another word for lol, oh and by the way i made it up about a year ago, atleast i think i did, i never heard it b4 that.

Limm means when it's a funny comment but not funny enough to actually laugh out loud. Usually said over msn, because it would sound silly to say it out loud in public, coz u wud get terrod to the upmost.
Mark: She's tasty
Andy: Id'e tap dat.
Mark: Twice
Andy: Limm
by Andy n shizz August 08, 2008
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