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Laugh in my dome: For those times when you can't laugh out loud.

Commonly used when a enjoyable or commical statement/joke is heard and a modest laugh in ones dome is the outcome.

Great for those texts or situations when you truely can't laugh out loud.

Quit overusing LOL when you know your not laughing out loud everytime you text.

Improve your texting honesty by using the acronymn LIMD.
Ex. 1

Guy 1- "Hey Spud did you hear the joke johnny said to me earlier?"
Spud - "Yeah I LIMD so the boss wouldn't hear me!"

Ex. 2

Text 1 -"Hey there's a bunch of bro tools at this party. You wanna come over and watch them pop their collars while they block each other's cocks!"

Text 2-"LIMD, i'll be right over"
by Lunqo April 04, 2010
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