1.Any Facebook page deemed "Teen (x)" . Usually containing content in the forms of "1 like = 1 X" , "like for x , ignore for y " etcetera . These pages often fabricate information in order to recieve likes and become popular .
2.Any person , usually female on Facebook saying they are ugly , or saying "she thinks she's ugly , like this if you think my friend is beautiful "

*NOTE : Your friends may like these pages ; they should be reported immediately , also simply comment #LIKEFAG on their posts , it'll help.
"My friend says she's going to kill herself in a facebook post , what should I do" "NOTHING ! She's just another fucking likefag"

"Like the post or you'll die at 1:00 am " "Oh my god i'm gonna d-no this is stupid ."
by AnonInfinity August 09, 2013

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