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Let It Be Known
LIBK... I am the man.

We are poppin' bottles tonight. LIBK.

LIBK... the New York Knicks will win the NBA Championship this year.

LIBK... party tonight... my house.

It was me. LIBK.
by MMARG October 01, 2010
A rockin' group of three talented producers from the USA that form the group 'LIBK' or as others may call them, 'Let It Be Known'.
"LIBK, we be takin' over." "Yuup, let it be known"

"Aint nobody got time fo' that!" "But LIBK is in da houze!"
"Well.. maybe I got a little time.."

"LIBK.. do you know who I am!?"
by LIBK March 31, 2013
the way biddies abbreviate "let it be known"
Caroline: Just LIBK that I will be wearing my tall camel brown uggs, liquid leggings, 3 headbands and a tshirt dress tonight, kthx.

Katelyn: Okay but LIBK tonight I will not be in charge keeping your extensions out of the toilet
by dj laura t October 02, 2010
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