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love induced brain fart; losing train of thought due to the emotion of being profoundly tender, passionate affection towards another person
i spoke of my day as she listened and suddenly she caught my eyes w/ hers and i had a LIBF. Everything vanished behind her and nothing else mattered but her and the look in her eyes, that paused the world around her.
by [reysofsunshine] September 01, 2009
Lust Induced Brain Freeze (or LIBF) is that moment of mental retardation that men get when a spectacularly hot girl is spotted for the first time.
Him: Mate! You crashed your $300 000 car into a brick wall. What happened?
Him: Crap. Was she...?
Me (nodding): yeah...
Him: woah...
by MikeELL April 04, 2008
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