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BAD MAN aka BOSS At The Top
Wheres The Boss or LIBAN
by LIMIT December 03, 2007
someone who is succesfull and people look up to
this boy is so liban
by lee 007 June 07, 2011
An act of extreme stupidity.
God Damn! That was a Liban shot
by The Trevez December 19, 2008
One absolute beast.
He cannot be stopped by anyone and is the definition of boss
Wow, that guys the boss or Liban
by KillaBilla January 21, 2014
Noun - Someone who stalks your facebook page and responds to your posts all most the very second you post them constantly and consistently.

Verb - the action of libaning someones facebook page.
EX1: Everytime you post something that damn liban (noun) jumps on it like he has been sitting at his computer with a vice grip around his dick just waiting for you to post.

EX2: I feel very uncomfortable that guy libans my page the moment I add something... I feel like I am being watched.
by zerocool6687 December 30, 2012
Liban - Poor somalian, Often used as an invective.
Example: "Oh my god, you are so Liban! you poor fuck!"
by randompieceofshjit12343556 November 17, 2010
Someone who is extremely gay. Often will try and steal your boyfriend.
"He's acting so Liban right now, how gay of him."
by AchmedIsBack April 17, 2013
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