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A large group of people at Lassiter High School that isolates itself from everyone else. Enjoys spending life playing flutes. See Cult Junkie.
Person a: Hey man what you doin this weekend?
Person b(band junkie): I'd like to do something but I have to spend 46 hours of my weekend practicing and playing at competitions so we can remain number one in the nation!
by Tyler Coleman January 02, 2004
53 39

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n, A supremacist fascist organization who is hell bent on controlling every aspect of life at Lassiter High School.

aslo known as: The Band, Band Nazis
(Der Band Fuerer): Yes my faithful minions, take over the school in the name of the band!
(Band Nazis): JA!, SIG HAIL, DER BAND!
by john November 30, 2004
41 46
A large percent of Lassiter Highschool students who choose to spend their time walking around in a parkinglot getting yelled at.
student a: awesome we got a 9 to 9 this weekend.
student b: sweet!
by Matt B November 17, 2004
32 37
A clusterfuck of lassiter students who like to spend the entire day with band fags. they get enjoyment out of practicing, and get boners when they play a note in tune. see cult
Band fag # 1: Hey man i just got a new trombone
band fag # 2: Jinkies, that is the one i wanted for christmas. u lucky duck!
by Ryan L. December 15, 2004
28 50