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the IATA Code for London Heathrow Airport
Why the hell does my ticket say LHR?
by Surprise Motherfucka February 08, 2015
Love-Hate Relationship

When you and another person are in a relationship that isn't hostile, but isn't friendly either. Can be with a rival competitor, future best friends, ex-best friends, future lovers, and ex-lovers.

You either love to hate them, or hate to love them. Applies in either case.
Text message:

"Heeeeeey girl, wats up?"

"Hey. I am so irritated right now. You know Julius, right? He is so aggravating! He's always teasing me...but it's weird..."

"What's weird?"

"It's like every time I see him, my heart starts pumping like crazy."

"lol omg! You are totally in love with him!"

"No, I'm not! He's cute, but his teasing is a total turnoff!"

"Well it sounds like you're in a LHR"

"A wat?"

"Love-Hate Relationship. You like him, but you don't want to cause of the way he acts. lol but don't worry, you'll figure out which emotion you're feeling eventually"

"oh...and thanks i guess..."
by DynaD January 13, 2012

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