The acronym for Let's Get Serious. LGS, created by Travis Moore and Marco Jenkins is now commonly used throughout the Washington, DC metro area and is gaining popularity. LGS is also a show done by these two. It is called "The LGS show".
Her shoes were NOT 300 dollars...LGS.

LGS about this issue here.

LGS...his car is a piece of junk.
by Travis Moore March 30, 2007
Top Definition
Local Game Store. Generally refers to card games, but many local game stores also have miniatures, D&D and comics.
I just went to my LGS to play some Magic: The Gathering.

FNM was great this week at my LGS.

My new LGS has better prize support than my old LGS.
by XiSrOn August 17, 2010
Little Girl Snydrome. Means: A woman or older female that clams to be mature acting younger, childish, and starting drama!
That Bitch has a case of L.G.S.!
by The #1 Lord January 31, 2008
n. A condition similar to depression; in a depressed or semi-depressed state of mind; mopey.

adj. Descriptive of someone who is aflicted with LGS.

Dervied from Lawn Gnome Syndrome.
Stop being so damn LGS.

He's always so LGS. All he does is sit there and mope.
by qqq March 29, 2005
The online acronym for "Little Girl Scream." Used for when something is so adorable. cute, or exciting that only the glass shattering whistle register of a little girl's scream can express your response to such a thing. Variations: HPLGS (High-Pitched Little Girl Scream) and SELGS (Super Excited Little Girl Scream)
"I just bought tickets to see Drake in concert! SELGS!"

"Did you hear about that new Ryan Gosling Movie? He is so cute! LGS!"

Friend posts a photo of a micro pig on your facebook page.
Your response: HPLGS!
by kYmberli February 25, 2012
LGS, otherwise known as Lateral Gravity Syndrome, a condition which affects the poorest of social gatherings, where females stay on one side of the room, and males the other.
Jeees, the party is pure LGS.
by MattDS December 16, 2007
Little Guy Syndrome; Napoleon Complex; a type of inferiority complex which is said to affect some people, especially men, who are short in stature or have small muscles.
LA Fitness is full of LGSers.
by SchnellMail Man July 09, 2011
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