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An underground secret society comprised of select members.
He's part of the LGK
by Johnny Evanloardship December 13, 2004
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LGK is a widely feared gang in Australia
don't stare at him! hes with LGK
by mike ox'long September 21, 2007
Legit Gehto Kids: A gang Formed in redmond washington who helps the needy and beats down the jerks of society
Alex is a LGK
by Alex Orton December 12, 2008
A website whose owner scams everyone, puts virus-infested pop-ups on every page, and tries to get you to buy a skillet from Amazon through his account. And there's this giant fat-ass, the self-proclaimed "LGK Man of the Year," who thinks his opinion is absolute truth.
Oh damn, LGK is down again.
by Joe Dodger November 30, 2006

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