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A pompous school on the Upper East side with lots of Commies and even more Rich Westerners. Famous for their love of their school, the Lycéens can be spotted prowling all over NYC, usually rolling either in large packs of other LFNY students, all chain-smoking vivaciously, or with an assortment of students from the City's finest private high schools, causing mischief, mayhem, and a general vibe of awesomeness in anyone who sees them. The students of the LFNY are a tight-knit community with family values, always ready to respect and obey the Law to the letter. Many recognize these youngsters in the street because of their dashing uniforms of gray, white and navy, striking awe into passers-by and terrorizing by-passers. They are, however, best known for their mutual love for the beautiful Frenglish language (what else but a fusion of English and French) and of course their tendency to Fiesticate (see definition for raise hell)
"Yo mec, you want to go see un filme tonight? y'aura des girls du LFNY and some autres too..."
by He who is slightly Deranged September 20, 2009
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