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A musical project put together by a DJ that goes by the alias Mr. LFNT. The project consists of all forms of electronic music. Currently Mr. LFNT has 4 albums in development.
Did you hear the new track on the LFNT Myspace music page?
by Mr. LFNT July 18, 2007
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A fairly well-known grafitti crew of the mid- New York area. Based after the word 'Elephant', the letters can also be used to stand for the phrase 'Live Free, Never Tell'. Members of LFN'T are generally too flamboyant to remain anonymous for long, although they usually tend to avoid being apprehended fairly well. LFN'T is made up of two core subgroups, 'TUSK' and 'TAIL'. Whether or not the names of these two groups stand for something is unknown, and although they are both members of the same association, the two factions tend to have fierce competition over turf.
LFN'T must have an operative or two here. This place is covered with their tags!
by Deus Ibi Est May 17, 2006

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