Also Looking For Members.

Used in many games for grouping.
Group of 3 LFM!
Tarasque Raid LFM!
by Soljia March 03, 2005
Top Definition
Looking For More,
Frequently used in MMORPG'S Like World of Warcraft
LFM people to aid us in a quest
by Tom February 18, 2005
Long For Man. Used in a similar context to 'FML' but more specifically towards an action that longs our your life.
Examples of this are your car breaking down, missing your bus or getting set a massive piece of work over the summer by your teacher.
'Did you hear that we got a 2000 word essay due in for next lesson?'
'Shit, that is too LFM'
by TheMontyHall February 08, 2012
The act of trying to meet people in a new school. Usually used by those unskilled in social activity after extended play of Word of Warcraft.
"LFM Wisconsin Senior High School WSHS need level 18+ and WL or MG"
by Macalano September 07, 2007
an acronym

Life fucks me (kinda like FML)
person - i have exams today LFM
by iamanexceedinglyawesomeperson December 16, 2009
Love Fucking Mothers. As in: "I Love Fucking Mothers".
Did you see Davids mom? She's a real MILF that one. LFM!
by Herbert_Featherfly June 17, 2010
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