When something is LOL-Fucking-LOL funny...
n00b: I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast...
|337: LFL you eat pieces of shit for breakfast?
by madmax360 January 10, 2009
Top Definition
LFL stands for Luller for Life.

its sort of like heyy bffs (best friends forever)
but now we say LFL
Fatima- mann that party was funn!
Wacker- yahh did LFL
by lollipop molecules May 24, 2009
Like Father, Like Son
Birdman and Lil' Wayne will always be LFLS.
by YoGottay December 18, 2009
Losers For Life
used by ppl who are losers
and proud!
1:haha you are such an loser
2:lol i knoe im such a LFL
1:yea you are! LOL
by Korey Camargo August 02, 2009
Laugh Fart Laugh
Your laughing then you fart then you laugh again. Like "lol" but "lfl.
by Young Blood 98 November 05, 2014
Lovers For Life, when you love someone so much you want to spend your life with them and make love to them everyday
OMG! I love her so much, shes my LFL
by Redskins21forlife February 07, 2009
Loners for Life. Used in a way to accept oneself.
Ugh, I always make a foul of myself around Liam...but that's ok I love being an LFL with my friends.
by May-be June 02, 2015
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