Lane Fucking Kiffin
LFK bro!
by willke3739 September 03, 2011
Top Definition
Lawrence Fucking Kansas.
"I love delivering in Lawrence because every place I go reeks of weed. #LFK"
by 21_13 January 05, 2012
Acronym for Lawrence Fucking Kansas; liberal college town for the University of Kansas. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
"Let's go party in LFK!"
by Lawlz08 May 11, 2013
Light French Kissing
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
Light French Kissing
With all the people in the room, we had to sneak out for LFK.
by sammygames June 20, 2007
Little-Fat-Kid. A tubby little child who will grow up to be a Fatty. Also referred to by hot MILFS as a "Gordo".
That LFK has to weigh 200 pounds, and he's only 7 years old. Come here Gordo!!
by JH March 12, 2003

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