LED is another way of saying MATE or DUDE.
"Alrite LED"

"Wheres the Fags LED?"
by Vicky Riding October 09, 2004
A very scary, yet lovable and destructive, woman who is in love with bunnies and Shotguns.
AHH!! Led is on the warpath! Hide you shins!
by Dodger USMC June 16, 2004
1. Light Emitting Diode
2. Law Enforcement Department - The Best faction in the MMOFPSRPG Face of Mankind
1. "OMG i'm like a nerd! l.e.d. ftw!"
2. "Wow, your really doing a good job at leading the LED Tydius"
by Teh Ghostly Hero December 08, 2005
The past tense of lay!
Last nite I was led in bed watching tv.
by Pez25 April 01, 2007

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