Acronym for "Let's do this" or "Let's do that"
Are you ready to go? LDT!
Come on, LDT!
by Jeremy Arca January 08, 2008
Top Definition
Limp dick trick, also known as LDT for short, is the act of getting a special job to cure what may be a limp situation after a distributed, or concentrated load has been given.
Man, after I blew that distributed load, she left me spent, but she wanted more. Thank God she really knew how to LDT, cured my situation at hand.
by LDTsupreme August 19, 2011
ldts is an acronym for let's do this shit.
angelo-wanna go to the movies?
chris-lets do this shit.
by dylancampbellissooohott October 14, 2006
Little dirty teeth

When someone has gross small unusually shaped teeth that haven't been brushed for a very long time and have food stuck in them and tar build up.
Girl 1: what do you think of that guy?

Girl 2: eww no have you seen his LDT? They're so disgusting I can't even think about him.
by The most honest person ever October 17, 2015
Little dirty teeth
Girl 1: what do you think of that guy?

Girl 2: eww gross have you seen his LDT?? They're so gross I can't even think about him
by The most honest person ever October 17, 2015
Let's dance til sunrise!
Mollie: "I'm so sad, I need cheering up! What can we do?"

Sarah: "LDTS!"

Mollie: "What?"

Sarah: "Lets dance til sunrise"

Mollie: "Okay! Let's do it!"
by ldts April 08, 2012
LaDainian Tomlinson's real initial nickname, LT is Launrence Taylor's nickname.
Dumb Guy: Hey man did you see the Chargers game last Sunday, LT did amazing.

Smart Guy: You mean LDT, because LT is Laurence Taylor
by D34N August 13, 2007

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