LDL means Long Distance Lover. Couples in a long distance relationship that live far away and meet for sex or not at all and only have cybersex thru instant messaging and phonesex.
Lauren: Are you and John dating?
Jennifer: No he's my LDL.
Lauren: Whats that?
Jennifer: We get off over the phone or get nasty instant messaging.
by Sara is okay in February 21, 2008
Latte Drinking Liberal. LDL relates to anything or anyone hipster, liberal, yuppy, etc.
A long line of LDLs stood in front Apple Store, awaiting the new iPhone. LDLs drive Volvos. They love to chill at coffee shops and surf the web on their MacBook Pros. For them Obama is Jesus. They believe in global warming. Fox News for them is reincarnation of evil.
by Sal The-Persian January 05, 2012
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