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Little Deeper Cushion; a worthless cushion which purportedly allows significantly deeper vaginal penetration; a cushion design based on a previously unsolveable differential equation, which allows unfathomable depths of vaginal penetration
Yo dude, since I got my LDC, all the freaks are begging for my shit.
by Chester "Shorty" Cox April 18, 2008
99 46
Lions Destruction Crew. A term for the Gravette Lions football team.
Yeah dude LDC is gonna run through us like a motherfucker tonight.
by Yung Caeser October 08, 2007
39 12
Long Dick Cracker.
Girl1: I heard that white boy has a small dick.

Girl2: No way. He's an LDC.
by Bobby McLongD November 10, 2013
20 0
Less developed country; refers to countries such as Mexico or Egypt, where there is a semi-functional state and plans to stimulate industry, but very limited industrial development (relative to the total labor force).
The World Bank and the IMF are both intensely controversial entities among LDCs.
by abu yahya July 10, 2008
24 12
Long Distance Call
"She just made me pick up a LDC!"
by callgirl September 17, 2009
1 4