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Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City Police Department. Liberty City's Finest. GTA's reindition of the real life NYPD. New York Police Department.
The LCPD is everywhere in Liberty City!
#police #cops #gta #iv #grand #theft #auto
by LCPD July 08, 2009
7 Words related to LCPD
1: Losistics, Cultivation, Protection, and Distribution
2: Fictional police force in the game GTA3. Liberty City Police Department.
1: My pops told me to get a job. He'll be in for a surprise, I got with LCPD
2: Dude, if you can't shake the LCPD in Hepburn Heights, visit the Pay N Spray down from Luigi's.
by West Empire Anarcho September 08, 2005
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