Lying Cowardly "Kingpin" - a high level Amway IBO (distributor). For most groups, it starts at the Emerald level. There are actually 3 levels, the highest is LYING COWARDLY "KINGPIN" - the 20 or so owners of the large ATS companies. The next level is Lying Cowardly "Kingpins", the midlevel, below the owners, but major Diamond and above pins, and finally the lying cowardly "kingpins", the Emeralds and first level Diamonds.
I didn't realize my Amway upline LCK was ripping me off, until I was educated on the ATS (#9) facts.
#lying #cowardly #kingpin #amway #tool #scam
by Textex March 26, 2010
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LCK(Lompoc Cool Kid): high school jock. college dropout. living at home. allan hancock student. pranking with your little sister.
Kaden: My brother's such a LCK dude.
Brandon: I know, where did he go wrong?
#lompoc #jock #cool #lompoke #kid
by katethegreatnikka September 27, 2010
a hispanic gang from Los Chavez New Mexico. stands for Los Chavez Kings.
"L C K is the downest shit ever!!"

Sureno: "Oh shit, here comes an l c k, lets run away ese!!!"
#gangs #new mexico #505 #lck #cholo #down
by mateothathug September 07, 2007
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