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LBU - London Blackout Unit. A rather large group of what are considered to be the 'daddies' of the London Hardcore scene. Amongst their ranks are various HxC bands, Knuckledust and 50 Caliber to name two. Wherever these bands are, you're guaranteed to find a group of LBU guys causing general havok and rampaging through the pit. They don't just start the pit's - they own them. In recent days they're spread to more softer sounds, LBU representatives have been sighted at gigs from bands such as 'Thursday' and 'Poison The Well'. It's a common place to find deluded HxC fans screaming "LBU!!!" out before they beat down or windmill. The Irony being that they have no idea that, despite their 'Straight-Edge won't touch alcohol or drugs and we hate the oppressors and biggots' ways, the LBU was originally formed by Neo Nazi skinhead factions and drug dealers back in the early days of Hardcore and Black/White rivalry, as a stand against 'Ganster Rap' and 'Hip-Hop.
*Biohazard Start their set*
Newschool HxC Chic: "Fuck yeah!!! LBU!!!!!! *windmills*
LBU Dude: "What the fuck?" *Punches girl in the face, proceeds to own the pit and break anyone who enters face, except fellow LBU comrades.
by Hardcore Facist! January 10, 2005