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(FINANCE) leveraged buy-out; when a takeover artist like Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co (KKR) arranges to borrow huge amounts of money at high interest, buy a controlling interest in a corporation, and then replace the management so its more profitable. The new profits then pay off the cost of buying the company.
Usually a takeover artist requires a vehicle corporation to carry out an LBO. For example, T. Boone Pickens used Mesa Petroleum against Union Oil in the 1980's.
by Sorry, the good guys lost September 02, 2010
To twist an L-Bo means to roll a blunt.
"Yo, G said go twist an L-Bo!"
by GeezyG February 19, 2014
Meaning Lets Bang out

LBO is a gaming clan on PS3
dude LBO is the best clan ever
by LBO_KILLJOY May 15, 2009
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