=long, boring lecture
"Mom, please for the love of god don't give me another LBL."
by Guiseppe Soffiare July 02, 2006
Top Definition
"loud black laugh." This laugh is the equivalent of a large black woman laughing.
Sounded out, it would be hah-HHHAAAHAAA (2 syllables total), like a larger "country" black woman would say.
1. Naw, shawty, bananas dont go in there...LBL

2. On Instant Messager or text message
A: ::insert funny joke::
B: LBL!!
by Shawnald McD and Tycoonovich December 09, 2008
LBL = little bladder leakage. when on social networking sites and you didn't just LOL because it was funny
that was so funny i had a LBL

i lmao so much i had a LBL
by monkey25 June 24, 2010
the Logic Behind the LOL or LBLOL or just LBL.
The understanding of a private joke between friends that may be innapropriate around the company present when the joke is told.
The Joke is sometimes only funny from the tellers point of view...or though those who dare not laugh will sometimes just confer by saying they understand the LBL or logic behind the lol.
If youre friend makes a private joke with you in the presence of those oblivious to the joke being made, it can sometimes be innapropriate to laugh for fear of inadequate social judgement...therefore it is sometimes customary to just notify the teller of the joke that you got the LBL in a very sly way.
Fitz to John: "OMG Kav was so telling Lamb that she was a fat bitch to her massive face and that she wouldnt get sold at auction...I wanted to ROFL but he was being so serious I just had to give him the reassurance that I got the LBL"

Kav to John and Fitz: "Yeah well SHE IS a fat bitch...."

Fitz and John: "ROFL"
by Roflmeister92 December 07, 2009
Little boy lover to pedophiles
my friend is a LBL
by dm_lgl July 17, 2016
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