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Aberdonian slang for a gay man who gets caught with there trousers down and there cock in another man by the police

Aberdonian gay scenes version of Punk'd
Leigh got LB'ed
by Yeahboy;) September 26, 2009
In the construction of a joint, two pieces of rizla are used in the crafting process to enlarge the size of the finished product. Usually this is done when more people need to be accommodated for. (3 or 4 or more). Reaching up to 16cm's long if done correctly. If needs be more that two pieces can be used in extreme cases but this is rare and usually not needed.
Anthony; Is an L bed on the cards today?
Gaz; Yes it is, get ready for a long spliff.
Dan; HOY!
by Barry Biggan October 14, 2010
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