1. Sexual intercourse; a partner in this
2. Have sexual intercourse with.
Note: over time, this verb has lost any implications re positions and active/passive roles. Women can use it of men, though they seldom do. (e.g early Sidi Bou Said song in which female vocalist wonders "shall I lay him? I don't know..."
by su france June 02, 2005
1) To cause someone or something to lie down in the rest position.

2) A brand of chips that are often told to "get their smile on".
1) Mom: Okay Baby, time to go to bed. Let me just lay you down in your crib so I can get back to your father.
Baby: Goo goo ga ga.

2) Announcer/back of a Lays chip bag: Lays, get your smile on.
by Cha, brahhh. (: June 08, 2010
Not a professional in a specific field.
John is a physics lay person.
by jaelee11 February 14, 2008
Used by idiots in place of lieu of "lie" -- as in lying down, not telling an untruth. Confusion arises from the fact that the preterit of "lie" is "lay".

Infinitive: Lie (to lie down, intransitive)
Preterit: Lay
Past Participle: Lain

Infinitive: Lie (to tell an untruth, intransitive)
Preterit: Lied
Past Participle: Lied

Infinitive: Lay (transitive)
Preterit: Laid
Past Participle: Laid
Idiot usage: I love to lay on the beach.

Correct usage: I love to lie on the beach.
by YYT January 22, 2014
sexual encounter....
I only have a couple of friends that i have had my whole life, and they have always been the best lay's.
by slaten April 11, 2006
A person as lovemaker.
"She's a great lay"
by Dana Mix August 17, 2003
Laughing At You.

Marga says:
I hit my head with the wall.
Roger says":
by Joanlly December 16, 2006

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