Not a professional in a specific field.
John is a physics lay person.
by jaelee11 February 14, 2008
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A unicorn from EXOplanet which can heal all diseases if he shows his abs.
Person 1 : Did you watched the new EXO teaser?
Person 2 : Yeah.Lay was pretty hot.
by Laynister April 03, 2013
Acronym: Stands for Laughing At You. Opposite of LOL. should be said when some one makes a bad joke, or does something embarrassing.

Can also be used in the verb tense as Layed, or Laying. i.e. I am laying someone right now, or I just layed him.
Guy 1: lets flip a quarter to determine who goes first

Girl 1: What is going to be the Heads?

Guy 1: LAY, the head is going to be heads. How does it feel to get LAYed?
Guy 1's Phone Rings and Guy 2 is on the other end:

Guy 2: Wuts up bro?

Guy 1: I can't talk now I am laying girl 1

Girl 1 is having a conversation with her boyfriend guy 2 later that night:

Girl 1: so guy 1 totally LAYed be earlier...i did not realize that the head on a quarter would be considered heads in a coin flip before

Guy 2: LAY
by bored_lawstudent October 20, 2010
To have sex with a woman until she's too worn out to move.
I just gave her a good lay.
by William Armstrong August 07, 2003
Swagg, dressgame, gear, style, clothes
Yo all my jawns got lay .

Greg where did you get your new lay from ?
by hefthegreat May 18, 2011
to throw Lay's Chips at someone
Mr. Teacher... Can we Lay you?
by Joshua A. Jackson May 08, 2011
sexual encounter....
I only have a couple of friends that i have had my whole life, and they have always been the best lay's.
by slaten April 11, 2006
A brand of cheap ass potato chips for fat ass people
Guy 1: Dude why are you so fat?

Guy 2: Blame Lays
by Risen March 13, 2013

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