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1. "LAWLOWNED" is a word used mostly in online games to show that you have "owned" someone in a way that is funny somehow.
2. a. "LAWLOWNED" be used in chat rooms to show that someone has been "owned" in real life in a humorous way. | b. This is usually used with a question mark at the end if you are unsure if the person was really "LAWLOWNED" or not.

SEE: own, owned, and lawl
1. I lawlowned you with that axe, dude!

2. a. Example 1: Dude, my girlfriend just broke up with me.
Example 2: LAWLOWNED!

b. Example 1: I have a test tomorrow at school.
Example 2: Lawlowned?
by CrazyChao November 19, 2007
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