One of the highest adjectives in describing something completely awesome.
The only thing above laser, is lasermazing.
Yeah, that MF DOOM track was pretty laser.
by duplo June 11, 2004
L: Looks
A: Acts/Actions
S: Sexual Description
E: Experience
R: Return
Dude, I need the "L.A.S.E.R." on her!
by An_Oddie December 04, 2013
Another word for a cumshot; ejaculate
After getting head, I lasered her face.
by Kruug February 25, 2009
Dr. Evil's secret invention to be used to sear the Earth. Air-quotes are to be used when saying this word.
Mini-Me, please stop humping the "laser"!
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 15, 2003
Means the same thing as loser, but cooler.
Wow look at how Sabrina fails.
I know, what a laser.
by HD Penguin May 08, 2011
1. A device that converts incident electromagnetic radiation of mixed frequencies to discrete frequencies of highly amplified and coherent ultraviolet, visible, or infrared radiation.

2. The only thing that trumps shotgun when riding in a car. It is the driver's final call, but otherwise if you yell laser, you ride in the passenger seat. Does not work if nobody has called shotgun yet. If you yell shotgun, you can't yell laser too.
1. I'm going to use my laser to point at this piece of paper
2. person 1: shotgun
person 2: laser
person 1: god damn it.
by iz. March 14, 2006
Any person who, whilst playing the drinking game colloquially known as beer-pong, throws the ball toward the cups with minimal (or no) arc.
Man, Laser, you sure do you throw a laser-like shot
by MH Sigma March 07, 2011

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