Larp or larped - being blinded by a bright light.
I was larped by the bright headlights of the passing car.
by Markus P. January 24, 2008
A place for nerds to go when they want to feel less nerdy about themselves.
Did you see those crazy people at the larp? Man, they must have no lives. *goes back to playing magic cards and dnd in dark, secluded rooms*
by Akasha January 20, 2005
larp is for pathetic people who likes to dress up like stupid dwarfs and orcs.
larp is pathetic and gay!
by Dniworrom May 16, 2008
Laughing At Retarded People
"Man, I saw a whole bunch of plebs doing Live Action Role Play the other day, I couldnt help but piss myself"
by ASCii February 09, 2005
The stupidest hobby since dancing. Combine the geekiness of DnD with the fruitiness of improv theatre, and you're in the ball park. LARP should be discouraged in all it's forms, though LARPers are as fun to laugh at as those cosplay freaks.
LARPers are social outcasts who need real lives.
by Betterthanyouguy March 26, 2005
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