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LALS is just a a new way of saying lol
Often used by 14-17 year olds, trying to state how stupid it is to say LOL.
Some also use this to state something is really funny and laughable.
Yeaa, lyk ZOMG oo LALS
by Mille July 31, 2006
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its a punjabi way of sayin ''Lol''
You shot my friend with a dart in the ass ? LAL
by peterpakpattani August 07, 2009
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The origin of LAL is known to be from the north west of england, in a highly academic private school called stonyuhrst college.
The words definition is known as the "Look And Leave"

The words tense and meaning are fixed and can only be applied in one context. It is a highly elite technique to be used only by the most experienced work veterans.
When extremely hard questions are set for a pupil, either in a test, exam or piece of work, a question said to put off the pupil to such an extent that the mere sight of it causes him to abandon any attempt at completing the question it is known as a LAL

The teachers who set these questions often make incredibly poor attempts at passing the question off as easy or "GCSE".

often used in place of someone could be LALing over there work or another example is when a sequential series of students (usually in the same vicinity) all abandoning the hard questions could be known as a

LAL train.
Attempter of National Physics Challenge 1: "that exam was extremely hard, that question on the laser energies was definitely impossible...i think i better get home and play some ground war balololololol"

Attempter of National Physics Challenge 2: "ahhh what you on about?? The entire paper was a LAL paper for me! I just sat back and LALed at the entire thing! "
by Kavster 92 November 05, 2009
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kind of like "lol" but stands for laughing a lot
person : "i just made a dutch oven"
other person : "lal"
by lalguy1234 November 23, 2007
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Laughing Annoyingly Loud. As in to laugh excruciatingly loud, perhaps without intention, to the point of annoying all others around. It is usually a very high pitched laugh.
Jane: What did the man say when he walked into the bar?
Eugene: I don't know, what?
Jane: OUCH! *LAL*
Eugene: *Cringes from the pain*
by The South African Chommies August 04, 2007
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Laugh About Lamers!

Used to laugh about peoples, who did something realy, realy stupid ( lame ) !
- I just deleted my favorite game! ;(

- LAL!
by Ilgvars October 18, 2007
11 33
lol with a Spanish accent, laugh aaaout loud, or even laugh aaaout laaoud.
guy 1: wassup?
guy 2: the ceiling
guy 1: lal
by Straemer August 27, 2007
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