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Like A Brother Syndrome
Similar to JAFS (Just A Friend Syndrome), nice guys tend to be the most harshly afflicted
No known cure
Girl: "Nooo don't be stupid, I could never like you like that, you're like a brother to me"
Guy: "Fucking LABS strikes again"
by whytie0 November 02, 2009
18 13
Short term for a kind of dog breed: the Labrador Retriever. One of the most popular breeds.
Labrador Retrievers are available in these colors:

Yellow, Black, and Chocolate (or Brown).
by frodaddy March 12, 2005
233 102
local ass bitch from kevin hart let me explain
you a lab ass nigga. a local ass bitch
by wonderfilled August 22, 2013
90 3
studio for recording music
Dogg, them some great lyrics, lets take 'em back to the lab
by B. Rabbit February 21, 2003
92 48
Term used by smokers to describe a smoking location in a location that has banned smoking.
Rosie I'll meet you at the lab in five minutes. In the mean time pick up a pack and some matches.
by Roland819 November 23, 2006
101 64
Acronym meaning Like A Boss! "what up yo" "I'm just chillin LAB!"
Also LABBIN meaning to do something Like A Boss! "I'm just LABBIN'"
"I'm gonna look LAB when I go out tonight" "I'm just LABBIN at home"
by SDP33 February 22, 2010
43 27
a person you call when they get lucky
actual meaning is, LUCKY ASS BITCH
(playing poker)- "wow you caught on the river, you fucking lab"
by luke leeeee December 21, 2006
50 40