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An Oklahoma-based paintball team that is known to be one of the most elite paintball teams in the U.S.
Guy 1: Maaaan we got boned last game.
Guy 2: I know man, no wonder coz we were up against L337 Krew.
Guy 1:Shit those guys are good.
by ChromeMonkey April 06, 2010
A middle eastern terrorist group bent on causing chaos and world domination.
Watch out for these guys.

pronunced leet kroo

Also called leet pwnorz
"We are the L337 Pwn0rZ!"
by Nikko April 30, 2005
One of the terrorist skins you can choose in the online game Counter-Strike. It's the coolest looking, so therefore all of the n00bs, hackers, and dumbass 12 year olds use it.
omg, all of the T's are l337 krew and they're all awping. What n00bs.
by Purple_Hat April 15, 2004
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