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Short for Liberia. People get L.I.B. confused for Libya, Library and Libra even though both of those words came before Liberia.
L.I.B.E. for life!
by Jyuzayeguuwaah Summers June 10, 2009
a library or book depository. used my college girls as a trendy shortening of the word.
"Tee hee girlies! I'm getting my learn on at the libes!" or "I'm at the "libes" working on my paper."
by Kiran November 08, 2004
An alcoholic beverage. Short for libation.
Hey bro, what're you up to this weekend? Wanna bibe some libes?
by Alcohol Whale May 21, 2012
Take the most awesome feeling you've had, then multiply it by 50. Getting libe rarely occurs but when it does it's nearly impossible to control yourself. To reach a state of libeness you must be listening to Gucci Mane music, and nothing else.
Dude, Bro, Homie, can you play some Gucci Mane so me and my boy Jordan can get libe.
by Smokey Desperado January 29, 2011
Something that is evil. Libe IS evil spelled backward, with a b instead of a v.
that foo is teh libesauce
by The Goatmaster November 24, 2003
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