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2004 LA lakers team. Was a shoe in to win the Title, but came up short. Can also be used to describe their fans as well.

Due to the fact they are delusional and live in LA LA land.
LA fakers got whooped by the Detroit Pistons.
by darth48076 June 24, 2004

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Any person who claims to be a Los Angeles Lakers fan, but has ZERO ties to the Los Angeles area or the state of California for that matter. They love to worship the Lakers when they win and deem any criticism of their team as blasphemy. Basically, the ultimate fairweather fan. These people are everywhere.
Mark: Lakers all day baby!

Joe: Dude, you are from Florida. Do you have any connection to L.A. at all?

Mark: I like the Lakers.....

Joe: You are such an L.A. Faker

Mark: (speechless) .......... man, shut up.
by OldSchoolNBA March 23, 2011