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An internet smiley used in chats and on forums to symbolize that something, or someone, is a loser. The capital L resembles one making a capital L on their forehead.
Bill (typing to Joe): why would he say that?
Joe (typing to Bill): idk, he is such a L:)
by dbieon12 March 02, 2008
A crooked or sideways smile. Used in chats or text to show a smug look of contentedness.
I beat that son of a bitch in Halo L:
by Magnetzes July 06, 2011
An emotion for people with unibrows.
OMG, look at his eyebrows they look like l:)
by elnino619 May 08, 2010
"literally" smiling as opposed to the way over-used :) For years people have been smiling into the ether without meaning using the traditional :) however, if you add L to the front it denotes your "literal" emotion as smiling!
Man I had a great time with you last night L:)

Dude, that concert was so awesome thanks for buying me a ticket L:)
by EZ-C September 21, 2010
The greatest emoticon ever made. It refers to Edward Cullen's (of the novel Twilight by Stephenie Meyer) crooked smile. Usually used by twi-hards. Sometimes interjected to start a Twilight related discussion or just to spread the love of Edward.
Person 1: God I love Edward L:
Person 2: IKR?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
by pointeshoejen April 04, 2009
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