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Kyrah is a girl who is a total bitch. She lies, brags, and is a total player. Don't become friends with her. She thinks she's the queen or most popular when she is really not. A Kyrah tries too hard to get attention and is a drama queen when things don't go her way.
Person 1: Who the heck spread that rumor about me?!
Person 2: She did.. She's such a Kyrah!
by cupcake38672 December 31, 2012
The most gorgeous and perfect girl to walk the Earth. She is super smart, funny, and did I mention beautiful? Everyone loves a Kyrah! Boys can't resist her and she has the prettiest body ever! There is no comparing yourself to Kyrah. Although her name means "lady", it doesn't mean she's that innocent, goody-two-shoes girl that obeys all the rules, she's her own person. She'll do whatever she wants when she wants and the people around her won't want to stop her.
I wish I was a Kyrah.
by loganerics December 11, 2012
Seducing a woman into having sexual relations by telling her you're a chiropractor.
Dude... He just pulled a Kyrah!
by Nick.Ragagagah! October 08, 2010