An abbreviation for 'Okay, you.' Used for when you're with little kids, or a drunk person.
"K'you, go upstairs and clean yourself up." you might say
"buh i don feel guud..." & then they'd barf all over you. hahah.
by TINAA October 04, 2005
Top Definition
Highest level in polietness. Used in Japan, and if translated in english, means : Lord, Lady, or Dame.
"Hello Lord (Enter name here) - Kyou"
by Raye December 27, 2005
Shortened edition of "Thank you", often used by those straining to put themselves "Above" everyone else, such as Rockstars, often delivered prior to anything that would warrant the aforementioned thank you.
*song ends*
Lead Singer to Crowd, prior to applause: "K'you"
by Ryan-michael Lindsay October 10, 2004
The last audible words when saying "Fuck You" quickly.
Tim - "I just had sex with your girlfriend!"
John - "KYOU MAN!"
by QuadWhore May 12, 2010
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