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A $10 sack, or Dimebag or Ten Sack of Marijuana where there is a lot more than the expected amount. Usually around 1.2-2 grams, depending on location.
Joe: "My dealer is the greatest, he gave me a really fat 10!"
Bob: "How much did he pack?"
Joe: "Two grams!"
by QuadWhore December 30, 2010
Something that seemingly takes an eternity or is extremely boring.

Can be an adjective as used to describe an event, or a noun, meaning an event of extreme boredom or length.

Based off of the Greek Goddess Vesta, who sat in front of a fire all day taking care of the fire, for eternity.
When I realized I had to pick up all of the walnuts in the back yard, I knew it would be a vestas.

"Dude, that video was totally a vestas."
by QuadWhore May 12, 2010
The last audible words when saying "Fuck You" quickly.
Tim - "I just had sex with your girlfriend!"
John - "KYOU MAN!"
by QuadWhore May 12, 2010
A very thinly rolled joint. Usually for conserving weed, trying out the weed, concealing the joint, or for fun.
Dealer: "I rolled a thin lizzy so you could try out this new shit. It tastes like cheese."
Buyer: "It does taste like cheese, I'll take an eigth"

Friend: "I was almost out of weed so I rolled a thin lizzy"
Friend 2: "Oh good idea"
by QuadWhore December 30, 2010
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