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is a variant of Kimberly (Old English), and the meaning of Kymberlee is "Cyneburg's field." ... Cyneburg was an Old English personal name meaning "royal forest"

Creative Human, a women with a cause. Kymberlee's are usually motivating and enthusiastic, with a true zest for life! Compassionate and extremely intellegent, Kymberlee's are animal advocates with the desire and skill to not only help those in need, but actually improve the lives of many.

Kymberlee's can be fiery red heads with bold personalities. Yet a Kymberlee is very nimble and graceful. Quick on her feet and light as air. when you think of Kymberlee, you think of an elegant figure skater, dancing and twirling about, afterall, Kymberlee's can move very fluid like and with endless class.

Of course Kymberlee's make you smile...all the time. Always upbeat and positive, ready to meet the next challenge...with a smile! With energy for everyone, Kymberlee's are alot of fun! famous figure skater. Woop Woop.
by kloveexpress February 03, 2010
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